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​​Medical Reference Database

Governments, Hospital Purchasing Admins Private Agencies, Chain Retailers, Associate Producers and Account Admins can access their Member Accounts here.

All aspects of purchasing and client services are located within this simple to use suite. Never fall short of high-demand medical products  again.

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Welcome to GREENLAND​                           Your trusted producer of clinically proven organic treatments

PCAP Patient Access

COOP Member Portal

Medical Professionals, Patients and their caregivers can access medical information specific to a patient's condition. Organic treatments, classifications, effects, and dosage options can be found here.

​Credentials, research, and clinical data for each product's medicinal efficacy is easy to browse and understand. ​​

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Greenland and Health Canada have partnered to license and release a powerful 

Antivirological Immune System Defence Compound to end the threat of COVID-19.

Utilizing a proprietary set of natural organic ingredients, the compound is clinically proven to dissolve CoVs protein envelopes within the bloodstream. All while affording patients a potent and sustainable immune system boost. 

​​Our  Patient Care & Access Program enables us to be the patient's personal medical treatment producer. Safe, clean, access to custom medical organics, and effective treatments.

​All manufactured specifically for our patient's needs & often, at less cost than home-based production.


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