What's inside matters

As a collective of top industry professionals and specialists, we all agree you get out what you put in. We have a genuine love and respect for the organics we work with. We treat our products with the level of care you would hope for a loved one.                      

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Who we are

We're a federally registered Organic Pharmaceutical Producer. Our focus is on meeting patient and community needs, environmental stewardship, organic strain preservation, medical research and providing the finest quality of clean, toxin-free medicinal products.                       

Meet "PAM"

Your Personal Account Manager is available to handle any need, from identifying treatment options, account management and even help find the nearest licensed vendor carrying what you're looking for. Now there's a safe, more intuitive way to access treatment.                         

Our Vision

Why us as an option?

Patients first. Access and availability are assured thanks to superior quality and higher yield standards of our (clean) organics. It is for that reason, we can produce targeted and safer medicines at a fraction the cost of other Licensed Canadian Cannabis Producers. 

We strive to deliver patients and partners with unprecedented access, top benchmark quality and lowest account pricing. Together, we can ethically define an industry, support healthy communities and deliver comfort to many families.

So, who are our clients?

We serve individual patients, commercial, and healthcare entities that require an uninterrupted, high turnover supply of clinically-efficative treatments while demanding unprecedented safety standards and accessibility (reliably available at the lowest cost).

From those fighting late-stage soft-tissue cancers, recovering from neurological trauma, or quality of life-altering conditions, to professional athletes, daily healthcare and associated commercial providers, they've all one thing in common. -They found trust in our products.